New Member Information

New Member Meetings

Meetings start at 7:00pm at the indoor range in the classrom, and normally take 20 to 40 minutes.  Preregistration is NOT required, you may simply stop on out at the indoor range and attend a scheduled new member meeting.  

Please plan to arrive before the meeting begins, as there is a presentation that you must attend. The only thing you need to bring is cash, check, or credit/debit card for your dues payment. 

If you cannot attend a Wednesday night meeting due to work or church conflicts please send an email to and I'll work with you to arrange another time.

 New Member Dues

All Memberships Expire April 30th 

Note: These are Annual Prices, if you join in October, it is $70.00, and your membership expires on April 30th of the following year

January - $140
February - $130
March - $120
April - $110
May - $100
June - $100
July - $100
August - $90
September - $80
October - $70
November - $60
December - $50

All Renewals are $100.00 per year no matter when the renewal occurs, and all memberships expire on April 30th.

It is in the members best interest to renew before the expiration date in order to continue to enjoy uninterrupted range access.

Your membership includes your spouse, and any children in your household aged 17 and under.

Documents and Forms

Guest Pass Policy

Guest Memberships are $10 per day plus processing fee. These temporary guest memberships are to be used for out-of-town guests or friends that our member would like to take to the range.

They are available during the new member meetings (Wed @ 7pm) OR 

Online HERE through our Square Store!! 

The MRPC Member must accompany the guest to the range and cannot loan their gate access card to a non-member. Guest Passes are non-refundable once they are purchased. Please be sure to check the dates and name spellings before you pay for the guest pass.

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