Cowboy action shooting is not only a shooting copetition, but also an atmosphere where shooters cn re-live their favorite TV westerns and portray a persona from the actual West.  About a hundred years after that famous gunfight at the OK Corral, SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) introduced cowboy action Shooting.  It began in 1981 as an idea, and blossomed to what we have today.  Men and women are dressed in 1880's costume as cowboys, native Americans, soldiers, gamblers, saloon girls, and many other characters from the old west.

Each shooter adopts an alias that i registered and protected by SASS.  This alias allows you to build or rebuild teh character that you would like to portray. 

In cowboy action shooting all guns must be SASS approved and pre-1899 in design.  You will need two single action revolver handguns; a rifle or carbine usally a lever action, in a pistol caliber.  It's a good idea to have it in the same caliber as your revolver.  Shotguns may be a ouble barrel, or a pump with an external hammer.  keep in mind, if the double barrel has automatic ejectors they must be disabled.

A match consists of a series of stages which are timeed separately.  Each missed target is a five second penalty.  There are also additional penalties if you fail to follow instructions or do something which may be unsafe.  Safety is always the most important item in Cowboy Action Shooting.

At some of the competitions your times are simply added at the end, and the fastest time wins.  At most SASS recognized events; a system called Rank Scoring is used.  In each stage you are given rank points for your place of finish.  The first shooter gets one rank point, the second gets two, and so on.  The rank points are totalled at the end of the match, and the shooter with the least rank points wins.  Rank points can, and often do have a different outcome than total time. 

We'll keep you all posted if youre interested in learning more about this fun sport, or if you would like to consider participating in a match at other clubs in North Dakota.  Drop Doc an emule at the adress below for more information.

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