Buffalo Shooting is a new shooting discipline which closely matches the Quigley match held at Forsyth Montana. 

We have various shaped and sized targets set at 200 yards shot off hand, 300-400-500-600 and 725 yards shot off cross sticks. They are shot with single shot rifles  in calibers ranging from 38-55 to 50-140. We also have targets for pistol caliber lever action rifle in different shapes and sizes from 50 to 200 yards.

 Only open sights and Malcolm style scopes are allowed on rolling block, falling block and trap door rifles.

You can use smokeless, black powder, and substitutes but all bullets must be of lead, no jacketed ammo. Each target is shot 8 rounds each for a total of 48. You also get to practice from 8am to 10 am for sight-in.

Matches start at 10am.

For further info call Dave at 701-833-4282

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