Light Rifle is Tuesday nights on the indoor range October through April of each year, and utilizes a standard NRA A32 target.  Our program is based on the NRA National Light Rifle Program, and the primary goal is to provide a relaxed competitive atmospher and comraderie.  

Equipment used is very simple, a standard 22 LR rifle capable of loading one round at a time, with a gross weight of 8.5lbs or less, and a minimum 2 pound trigger pull.   Shooting shirts may be worn, but stiff canvas jackets, shooting gloves etc are not allowed in competition.  Any type of site is permitted, and magazines may be used to load rounds.

Silhouette is run right along side the Light Rifle activities, and  is shot on the TQ14 target, consisting of 5 each chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams.

Equipment is exactly the same as Light Rifle, and we invite you to come out and give both a try.  Just dust off that old 22 and join us at the range on Tuesdays.

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