Upcoming Match 10/22/2017

** 3 Gun Match Update ** We are going into our final 3-Gun match of the year, and as such, we have decided to do something fun and different. Our final 3-Gun event will be a 2 Man Team event. We will have 3 stages. Instead of the standard individual match fee, we will have a $50.00 Team fee.

Because it is our Halloween match as well, if you decide to wear a costume, we will give you a 5 dollar credit towards your match fee (per shooter, so each team can get $10.00 off) The 2 divisions for the teams will be OPEN, and Tactical Optics. We find that between these two Divisions, everyone can fit in. Both Shooters must be using Tactical Optics equipment, if not, then the whole team will be placed in Open division. If you cannot find a partner to shoot with, please let us know in the comments on Facebook, and we will keeping a list of everyone who does not have a partner so we can make up teams as well. We do not want anyone to be left out, and we will find you someone to shoot with. Come on out and have some fun!

 The round count for this weekends match is 30 Rifle, 50 Pistol, 50 Birdshot, and 2 Slugs. This is per INDIVIDUAL shooter, as this is a 2 Man Event. Thanks!

As always, if you come to help set-up we will allow you to shoot for free!


Multi-Gun is one of the newest and fastest growing competitions and it combines challenging shooting obstacle-course style scenarios with three firearms (handgun, rifle, and shotgun). Each target you miss (or fail to neutalize) and each "no shoot" target you accidentally shoot will result in a time penalty. The goal is to shoot the course of fire with perfect accuracy in the fastest time possible.



Minot Rifle and Pistol Club (MRPC) is considered an Outlaw Multi-Gun match.  Our matches are scored according to Time-Plus. We break up into squads under the direction of a Range Officer (RO), and each squad rotates through the stages until everyone has shot every stage.



We are open to the public. NEW SHOOTERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME.



Bring your UNLOADED firearms (in a bag or case), a holster, and a couple of magazines (with holders, if possible) and a Range Officer (RO) will explain where and when you may handle your firearm. You will be given a short range safety briefing and an introduction to the rules before the match started. Once the match begins, you will be guided by more experienced shooters.



Getting Started

To get started, all you really need to do it show up! If you don't have all the gear you need, contact us prior to a match and we will make sure we have enough gear for you.


The basic gear you need to bring with you is:


* 9mm or larger pistol                     * 3 magazines for pistol


* Belt and holster for pistol              * AR style rifle


* 2 magazines for rifle                     * Shotgun


* Something to carry shells              * Ammo for guns


* Eye protection                               * Ear protection



Niceties to have:   


* Water                                             * Sun tan lotion


* Bug spray                                       * Snacks


* Chair         


2016 Match Schedule

Multi-Gun 2016 Match Schedule





2016 Match Fee

Adults - $30

Volunteer - $0

Juniors - $10





Next Activity

Multi-Gun Match on Sunday, August 28, 2016








Notes from the Match Directors


ATTENTION SHOOTERS! With all of the growth we’re seeing in our Match participation, it's important to have volunteers show up to help set-up and tear-down the stages.


Match Day Setup begins at 1:00pm the day BEFORE the match . The fun stages, that everyone likes to shoot, generally take quite a bit of setup time. We would like everyone to show up early to help, in any way you can, with setup. With more people helping, we don’t have to rush at the last minute in order to get everything finished by 10:00am. If you don’t know how you can help, DON’T be afraid to just ask when you check in. This is a volunteer sport and it is what you help make it. For those individuals that help with set-up, you get a reduced match fee, PLUS get to see that stages beforehand.


Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. The MRPC match staff and match directors look forward to seeing you at the range.




Match Day Schedule



1:00 PM Day Before the Match  – Stage Preparation

                    The match stages are designed ahead of time, but are assembled the day before the match. Volunteers are always welcome and make this task much easier. Plus, volunteeers shoot the match at a reduced fee.



8:00 AM  – Match Preparation


              The final touches are added to the stages. Volunteers are also needed during this time.



8:00 AM  – Match Registration


              Registration information includes division and class you will be shooting. But don’t worry if you don’t know all the information. Range Officers are on-hand to assist.



9:50 AM  – New Shooters Safety Orientation


              All shooters that have never participated in a USPSA match are required to


attend this short safety briefing conducted by one of the Range Officers.



10:00 AM – Shooters Safety Meeting


              The Match Director will give any final instructions related to the days match.



10:05 AM – Match Begins




5:00 PM   - Match Ends


              Staying afterwards to help break down the stages and putting away stage


props and equipment is very much appreciated and is part of this volunteer supported


sport. Plus, we often go out for dinner afterwards!