Construction Photo Galleries

The Very Beginning

Virgin Ground Some of the many volunteers Setting The Footings Footings Done Ready for the walls Underground Plumbing Finished Exterior Walls and Vault Walls Up Concrete Floor For Bullet Trap Starting the Rafters Half of the rafters are finished. Interior Walls going Up Back Wall of Classroom Bullet Trap in  Place Outside Ready for Siding

Interior Under Construction

Air Exchange System Alexis Maddison and Breann approve Big Classroom Womens Restroom Rodney, Wes and Breann Prop and Tool Room Vault door hung Gun Racks installed in the vault Taking a break Steel backing on the baffles Sound Deadening material on walls Jerry Glueing Mark Cutting What was that measurement again George and Marlin hanging it straight Up it Goes and the walls are done!

Finished Range

Thanks for Helping Southside view Northside View Front Doors and Vestibule Main Hallway Big Classroom Finally Comfortable Chairs AV Equipment for Classroom Classroom Projection System, thank your NRA Beautiful Kitchen Cabinets Appliances Wash area in the mechanical room Radiant heat for entire building Top notch electrical service Womens Restroom Womens Restroom Mens Restroom Secondary Hallway Locker Room and bulletin board Door to Range Lockers for Rent Target Room Rolling Target Stands Chairs for Watching Target Stands at 50 foot line Vault Door Vault Room North Dakotas ONLY 25 yard indoor range Bullet Trap System Trap Exhaust Fan Heated Prefilters and HEPA Filters Air Exchange System Air Exchange System Heated Return Duct